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What Are the Benefits of Pre-Shave Oil?

What Are the Benefits of Pre-Shave Oil?

You want the best shave experience possible. You’re sick of nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, and that nasty red irritation that so often comes after shaving. But what are you supposed to do about it?

The Grooming Manual has offered many helpful suggestions to guys who want to reduce shave irritation - from avoiding products that contain alcohol to exfoliating before shaving. But have you considered using a pre-shave oil for men?

What are the benefits of pre-shave oil? Can it help you finally eliminate painful shave irritation?

What Is Pre-Shave Oil?

Pre shave oil for men is a blend of natural oils designed to be applied before shaving. The goal is to lock moisture into your skin and create a slick, lubricated surface that your razor can pass over easily.

The best shave oil for men contains natural, hydrating oils like argan and jojoba - along with aloe, vitamin E, and other essential ingredients for reducing irritation related to your shave.

The Benefits of Pre-Shave Oil

Taking a few moments to spread some pre-shave oil over your face can go a long way to reducing irritation. Consider just 6 of the major benefits.

Locks in Moisture - Hydrated skin is supple, smooth, and less likely to become irritated by your razor. Using a pre-shave oil ensures that your skin’s natural moisture isn’t lost or compromised. It creates a thin layer of oil over your skin that holds in moisture while also allowing for a smooth shave.

Protects Your Skin - Worried about nicks and cuts from your razor? Using a pre-shave oil will make the process much smoother, thus protecting your skin from unnecessary harm.

Softens Hairs - A natural pre-shave oil for men soften your whiskers, making them easier to cut. This reduces the chance that your razor will catch or tug at your hairs.

Smooths the Shave Surface - A rough shave surface is a recipe for disaster. So use a pre-shave oil to create a smooth surface over your skin. The light layer of oil it leaves on your face won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts. Rather, it will keep your skin safe from shave irritation with a slick surface.

Reduces Ingrown Hairs - When hairs are cut too close to the skin or at sharp angles, they are more likely to grow up under the skin. This leads to the painful bumps that you curse… ingrown hairs. But a pre-shave oil - by softening hairs and slicking your skin’s surface - reduces the risk that ingrown hairs will form.

Add Pre-Shave Oil to Your Routine

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get a better shave. Just include pre-shave oil for men as part of your regular routine. Here’s how to do it:

best shave routine for men

Cleanse - Always wash your face with a natural face wash for men before you shave. This removes bacteria, dirt, and debris that could cause irritation.

Pre-Shave Oil - Just a few drops will do. Spread the oil all over the shave area, working it through your facial hair. Allow it to absorb for about a minute for the best results.

Shave Cream - Apply a natural shave cream for men over the oil.

Shave - For the best results, use a safety razor and rinse the blade after each pass. Always shave with the grain - going against it can cause irritation and ingrown hairs.

Aftershave - Take a moment to apply the best natural aftershave. The cooling, soothing effects will leave you feeling great and minimize the risk that redness and itch will develop. Make sure it’s alcohol free to avoid dehydration and tightness.

Pre-Shave Oil - Your New Skincare Ally

Pre-shave oil is an excellent addition to your shave routine. And if you have dry or sensitive skin, it will do much to reduce irritation after you shave. With just a few drops and about 1 minute of application time, you will see significant results each time you shave.

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