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How to Shave When You Have Sensitive Skin

How to Shave When You Have Sensitive Skin

Shaving is stressful for your skin. But it’s also a men’s grooming necessity.

The blade cuts away at your facial hairs. The process exfoliates your skin.

But - if you have sensitive skin - shaving can be miserable. When you're done, you look in the mirror and see bad news. Redness, irritation, bumps, and ingrown hairs. You may feel an intense itch from razor burn too.

How can you eliminate - or at least reduce - these shaving woes?

What Is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is “a complex dermatological condition, defined by abnormal sensory symptoms.” Researchers have coined the term “Sensitive Skin Syndrome” to describe a growing problem. Some people, despite a lack of clinical symptoms, experience extreme reactions to cosmetics and skincare products.

Other guys have sensitive skin because they suffer from a specific skin problem. Common examples are intense dryness, eczema, and severe ingrown hairs. 

Adapting Your Shave Routine

The good news is that it’s easy to adapt your shave routine for men to accommodate your sensitive skin. Keep in mind that:

  • You can’t just grab a razor and go. Sensitive skin needs time and attention. Baby your skin. Don’t rush through your shave routine.
  • Shaving every day increases the chance of skin irritation. Many guys with sensitive skin prefer to shave every other day or less.

Step 1 - Wash

Start your shave with a clean slate. Before you even look at your razor, your first step is to use face wash for men. Clean all the dirt, bacteria, and debris off your mug. This is an easy way to reduce the chance of post-shave irritation.

Important note: use face wash for men, not your regular old soap bar. You need a gentle, natural face wash for men that won’t dry out your skin before your shave.

Step 2 - Exfoliate

The Grooming Manual recommends exfoliating 1-3x per week for most guys. But if you have sensitive skin, this is a shaving essential. Use face scrub for men to get rid of dead skin cells and other debris on your skin’s top layer. Scrub also lifts whiskers away from the skin and prepares your face for the best possible shave.

Step 3 - Apply Shave Cream

Be sure you’re using a natural shave cream for men. Avoid products that create foam and lather. They’re no good for sensitive skin.

Choose a lotion-based cream instead. You need to moisturize and protect your skin before you grab your razor. Lathering creams will dry out your skin, leading to post-shave irritation.

Step 4 - Shave with a Quality Razor

For guys with sensitive skin, a safety razor is best. It offers a close, smooth shave with less chance for irritation.

If you prefer a disposable razor, be sure to replace it often. Razor cartridges are hotbeds of bacteria growth. Dead skin cells and dirt can fester there. When you go to shave, you're exposing your open pores to harmful bacteria. The result? Skin irritation, redness, and razor burn.

Step 5 - Use Aftershave

Aftershave is essential for sensitive skin. But choose the wrong product, and you’ll be doing more harm than good.

Natural aftershave should be soothing and lotion-based. Menthol and alcohol should not be in your aftershave. They dry out your skin, leading to the irritation you were hoping to avoid.

Bonus - Moisturize Daily

Too many guys - sensitive skin or not - still skip this. Hydrated, healthy skin is much less likely to become irritated. Making this a daily priority and not just a step in your shave routine will help.

It doesn’t even take one whole minute to apply face moisturizer for men. So no excuses. Use the best face moisturizer for men twice daily - morning and evening. A little goes a long way. You’ll see a marked improvement in your skin.

Care for Your Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is manageable. You don’t have to give up on having clean, clear skin. You don’t have to switch to some fancy razor either. Just follow the steps above. Be willing to invest a little bit of time into skincare for men. You’ll feel better and see positive results. 

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