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Brickell Rewards Program

What Is The Brickell Rewards Program?

The Brickell Rewards Program is our way of thanking you for being an awesome, loyal customer. For every dollar you spend on our site, you earn points convertible into dollar discounts on future purchases.

How Does the Rewards Program Work?

For every dollar you spend on our site, you earn 1 point. For every 100 points (£100) you spend, you earn £5 off your next purchase. Cash in your rewards as soon as you hit 100 points or let them accumulate for bigger discounts. Login to your account to see our reward tiers or see this handy chart:


How Do I Join the Brickell Rewards Program?

Easy, just make sure you have an account with us and login to that account when making purchases so you can get credit. Don't have an account? Register here and make sure you use the same email address used on previous orders.

How Do I See How Many Rewards I Have?

Login and click on "Your Account" in the top left of the screen. Once in the "Your Account" area, click on the blue "Reward Points" link on the right hand side of the screen to see how many points you have accumulated and how many more you need to redeem a coupon.

How Do I Spend My Rewards?

Login to your account and click the Rewards link (as shown above) to see how many points you have accumulated. If you've accumulated enough points, you can claim your discount and we'll email you a discount code for your next purchase. Rewards can only be used on one time purchases and points never expire. Points cannot be used towards Brickell Blue purchases.