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The Constant Evolution of Men’s Grooming

man applying eye cream to face

Evolution is a slow process. But the world of men’s grooming is evolving fast. Real fast.

Think back to just 10 years ago. There wasn’t much of a conversation about men’s grooming yet. Guys weren’t comfortable discussing skincare for men


Things have changed

Today guys around the world take skincare for men seriously. Men are free to groom however they please. So it’s time to embrace the history and the future of men’s grooming and style. 


Hair Length

One hundred years ago, long hair on men was not cool. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1960’s - 1970’s that long hair became popular. Fast forward to the 2010’s, and long hair with untamed facial hair is all the rage. 

Going for a 70’s look? Or keeping up with the hipsters with a modern man bun? Regardless, you need to take good care of your hair. This is where men’s grooming has evolved for the better. 

Don’t use garbage drug store shampoo on your hair, long or short. It will strip out all the natural oils that give your hair its texture and volume. Instead, choose a natural shampoo for men that cleans deeply but mildly. Follow up with hair conditioner for men - but don’t overuse it. Just a couple applications per week is ideal. Style with a wax pomade for men that allows for a natural hold. 


Facial Hair 

The 2010’s have been huge for men’s facial hair. Beards are in the spotlight. The same facial hair that once stood as a symbol of rebellion is now commonplace in big city offices. Who could have seen that coming?

As popular as beards are, being clean shaven will never go completely out of style. Reduce irritation and redness with a men’s shaving routine that soothes your skin. Start with face scrub for men to exfoliate the skin and open hair follicles. Follow with shave cream for men. A non-lathering, lotion-like cream is best. Don’t skip the natural aftershave for men after. It will calm your skin, close your pores, and prevent razor burn.



Chances are your father and grandfather never thought twice about their skin. Most likely they used bar soap to wash everything.

That day has passed. Modern skincare for men is about attention to detail. Want to look your best? You need a solid regimen that includes face wash for men and face moisturizer for men. Why?

  • Face Wash: Bar soap throws off your skin’s pH. That leads to dry skin and early onset aging. One of the easiest ways to prevent wrinkles and look your best is to switch to face wash for men.
  • Face Moisturizer: Exposure to dry air, sunlight, dirt, and just about everything else in your environment is hard on your skin. You need serious protection. Using face moisturizer for men locks in moisture. That prevents dry skin and wrinkles. It also keeps your skin tight, healthy, and youthful.
  • Anti-Aging: Dermatological anti-aging procedures are growing in popularity for men. Guys don’t want to turn into wrinkled, leathery abominations. Fortunately, you don’t have to shell out big bucks for intense treatments to get good results. Just use anti-aging cream for men. It will minimize fine lines and slow the appearance of wrinkles. Concerned about puffiness and bags under your eyes? Use eye cream for men.


The Modern Man

Style has evolved over the years and will continue to do so. It's an endless process. And it’s just part of life. Don’t be stressed about those changes.

Embrace being a modern man. Stick to a simple but effective men’s grooming routine. Don’t be intimidated about using hair conditioner for men or face scrub for men. You’ll look your best, feel awesome, and be on the cutting edge of manliness. 

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