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7 Shaving Tips for Black Men

Man shaving

Ingrown hairs and post-shave irritation is no fun. Black men tend to have to deal with this skincare frustration more often than men from other backgrounds. That’s because tight, curly facial hairs are more likely to grow back into the skin after shaving. This leads to pain, bumps, and other skin irritation. 

If you’re sick of dealing with the frustration of shave irritation, these tips will help? Instead of just accepting the misery, focus on preventing all the itchy, bumpy, burny unpleasantness with these 7 shaving tips for black men.


1 - Upgrade Your Razor

Razor manufacturers promote their multi-blade contraptions for giving you the closest shave possible. But what they don’t tell is that these extra-close shaves lead to ingrown hairs. 

Many Black men are able to reduce ingrown hairs and other uncomfortable post-shave problems just by switching to a single blade safety razor. Why?

Many dermatologists recommend that their patients with severe ingrown hairs avoid multi-blade razors. Why? The closer the shave, the worse the bumps and irritation tend to be. 


2 - Use Face Moisturizer Daily

Healthy, hydrated skin is far less likely to develop redness and irritation, so make a habit of using face moisturizer daily. This is one of the most important tips when thinking about skin care for black men. It’s most effective to use it twice - after washing your face in the morning and again at night. 

What if you have oily skin? You should still use face moisturizer - the benefits include sealing in moisture, balancing oil, and keeping your skin protected from bacteria. Just be sure you’re using an oil-free, fast-absorbing formula - like our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer. It uses hyaluronic acid, aloe, jojoba, and green tea to hydrate, nourish, and protect your skin.


3 - Shave Less Often

Men of color who consistently suffer from severe skin irritation should consider shaving less frequently if possible. Every other day (or less) can be far for your skin better than daily shaving. 

Shaving less often reduces the development of ingrown hairs and shaving bumps while shaving daily can make your facial hair much more prone to become ingrown, inflamed, and infected. It may even lead to pseudofolliculitis barbae, a skin condition that disproportionately affects Black men. It causes painful bumps that look and feel like acne and lead to scarring. 

If you’re experiencing irritation every time you shave despite taking steps to address the problem, talk to your dermatologist.


4 - Scrub Before You Shave

Exfoliating your skin with face scrub prepares your skin for a smooth, irritation-free shave. Scrub removes dead skin and exposes your hairs. They are naturally drawn away from the surface of the skin, which minimizes the chance of ingrown hairs.

This is a quick pre-shave step that takes just a minute but will make a big difference in your shave experience. Use our Renewing Face Scrub after washing your face and before shaving. Its invigorating scent, nourishing ingredients, and natural formula will set you up for a great shave. 


5 - Use Shave Lotion and/or Oil

Foaming shave creams are not a good choice for Black men who want to limit their problems with ingrown hairs. Foam does not provide sufficient lubrication between your razor and your skin. It’s nothing but a thin layer of air. 

There are far better options out there. Try one (or both) of these:

  • Shave Lotion: Our Smooth Brushless Shave Cream is a thick lotion that soothes, hydrates, and lubricates the skin before you shave. The result is a far smoother experience than you’d ever get from a foaming product. Plus, it’s made with natural ingredients that won’t cause irritation, including glycerin, jojoba, and aloe vera.
  • Shave Oil: For an ever slicker experience, go with our Hybrid Glide Shave Oil. Just a few drops of this product will coat your shave area, ensuring that your blade slides over your skin safely and smoothly. It’s made with argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera.


6 - Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth

Some guys shave against the grain because they want the closest shave possible. But that ultra-close, baby-smooth skin can turn into a major problem if your facial hair grows in tight and curly.

Shaving in the direction of hair growth is the smart way to control ingrown hairs. It keeps your skin smooth and clean-shaven without needlessly putting you at risk for razor bumps and infection.


7 - Finish with Soothing Aftershave

The kind of aftershave you use makes a difference. Don’t irritate your skin with an alcohol-based product. It’s anti-bacterial benefits do not make up for the way it dries out and tightens your skin. Other ingredients offer the same pros without the many cons of alcohol.

To promote healthy hair growth and limit ingrown hairs, you want to use a soothing aftershave that keeps your skin hydrated. Alcohol does the opposite. That’s why you won’t find it in our Instant Relief Aftershave. Instead, its formula includes non-irritating ingredients from nature: aloe vera, coconut, and hyaluronic acid. 

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