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The Top 3 Shaving Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

Man shaving his face carefully in the mirror.

The internet is lousy with articles and videos of men’s shaving tips - but most say the same thing over and over:

Warm water. Shave cream. Shave. Rinse.

Pretty basic.

Instead of copying and pasting the same method for you, we’re here with some fresh tips. If you’re one of those unfortunate guys who constantly deals with post-shave bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs, you need to do something different.

Try these three little known shaving tips for a better experience every time you reach for your razor.


Tip 1: Shave at Night

Can you get by with a little bit of scruff in the morning? If so, trying shaving before you go to bed instead of first thing in the morning. Why?

As you sleep, fluid and blood accumulate in your head due to laying horizontal for (hopefully) 6-8 hours. All that fluid accumulation makes your skin puff out and is part of why your eyes have dark circles and bags in the morning. During the day, those fluids drain back down into the rest of your body. But the process can take several hours. 

The issue for your shave is that your puffy morning skin helps hide your whiskers. So an early shave is not going to be as clean or smooth as it could be. When you shave in the evening, the fluid under your skin is at a minimum and your whiskers will be fully exposed.

Man looking in the mirror and rinsing his face after shaving.

For the best results, shave right after a warm shower - and use face scrub while you’re in there to prepare your face for a smooth shave. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, cleans out your pores, and makes your stubble more easily accessible to your razor.


Tip 2: Exfoliate After You Shave

You just read about exfoliating before you shave. Now you have to do it again afterwards? What’s the deal?

If you consistently struggle with shave irritation, red bumps, and itch, try using our Renewing Face Scrub after you shave as well. The goal is to gently reduce the chance of ingrown hairs and irritation. Here’s how to do it:

  • Each day after your shave (and for up to three days post-shave) gently exfoliate your shave area. This prevents hairs from curling back into your skin and becoming ingrown. It also removes any bacteria looking to settle into your pores and cause redness or acne.

One important note: easy does it.

Be very gentle when applying face scrub after shaving. You don’t want to sand down your skin. Instead, give it a slight scrub as a finishing touch to your stellar shave.


Tip 3: Use Shave Cream and Shave Oil Together

Have you ever thought about why guys use shave cream or shave oil in the first place? It’s all about creating a barely-there thin barrier between your skin and razor. This allows the blade to gently glide just over the skin, cutting your hairs while never actually touching the skin. 

Most foaming shave creams for men are terrible at this. Foam and lather are created by tiny air pockets. And since plain old air is not lubricating your skin, these products allow your razor blade to make direct contact with your face. Not great.

That’s why you should try the ultimate one-two punch of our Hybrid Glide Shave Oil plus our Smooth Brushless Shave Cream. Here’s how they work together to protect your skin and enhance your shave:

Man putting shave oil into his hand.

  • Our Hybrid Glide Shave Oil lubricates your skin, coats your facial hair, and protects your skin from getting caught by your razor. Apply it first.


Man reaching into a jar of Smooth Brushless Shave Cream.

  • Then, use our non-lathering Smooth Brushless Shave Cream. It’s made with glycerin, jojoba, and aloe vera. The natural formula hydrates and nourishes your skin while improving your irritation-free shave experience. 

Still can’t seem to shake the shave irritation? Remember, each stroke of your razor removes part of the thin barrier of shave cream and oil you just applied. So if you make one pass over your face and need to do another, you need to reapply your shaving cream and oil. This will prevent your bare skin from touching the blade.


Bonus Tip: Be Patient

These three lesser known shave tips will help reduce irritation and improve your daily shave routine. But always combine them with the ultimate shave tip: patience. 

  • Don’t rush your shave.
  • Give your pores time to open up.
  • Rinse away your face scrub fully before applying shave cream.
  • Run your razor slowly, smoothly, and gently across your face.
  • Rinse it fully after every pass and reapply shave cream as needed.

In the end, a few extra moments of care will make a big difference. And don’t you deserve the best shave possible, every single day?

We sure think so. 

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