Our Company

We make high performing, natural skincare & grooming products for men.

Everyday, men from around the world use our products to look and feel better. We use the highest quality, natural & organic ingredients to offer the most effective men's skincare and grooming products available - We Guarantee It.

Why did we start a men's skincare and grooming company?

1. After doing research on popular skin care, shaving and grooming products, we discovered they were mostly filled with toxic, synthetic chemicals. We knew with today's technology, that all natural and organic skincare products could be more powerful than these synthetic products.  

2. We were interested in using the best, most advanced men's skin care & grooming products, but we could never identify with the branding or ads for most of the companies.

3. All the best skin care products seemed to be for the ladies and buying a men's product from a traditional female focused company didn't feel right.

These three reasons were the driving force behind creating the most effective skin care and grooming products for men. The guy who knows taking care of himself makes for a better overall life. We wanted something a guy could wear while leading a business meeting, playing some pick up football, or a night out on the town with someone special. 

We hope you enjoy our products and don't be surprised if your significant other starts stealing them; they're that good. And if you ever want to see how we use our own products, make sure to see our own personal daily routines.