A Guide to Men's Face Serums

A Guide to Men's Face Serums

What is a men’s face serum? Should you use one?

Good questions. Because face serums aren’t exactly common topics of conversation that come up with your buddies… or anyone else.

Let this guide show you why you should include a serum in your skincare routine. And learn how to use it to get even better skin.

What Is a Men’s Face Serum?

A facial serum is designed to get essential nutrients and ingredients into your face’s deepest skin layers. That’s where cellular repair and turn-over occurs the most. Skin cells are prone to inflammation and free radicals at the cellular level that most products are unable to help fight.

Serums are different from moisturizers and hydrating creams. They don’t contain thickening and lubricating ingredients. That allows the skin to absorb them easily. And it leaves only the active ingredients left in the formula, making a men’s face serum a more potent skin care product.

Why Do I Need a Face Serum?

Happy with your current skin care results? You probably don’t need to use a serum just yet.  

Want to take your skin care to the next level? Do you have noticeably aging skin? A serum is the next step. It delivers the essential nutrients skin needs to repair itself and prevent early onset signs of aging.

Face moisturizers and creams only penetrate the upper skin layers. They are meant to absorb just slightly into the skin. They create a protective, hydrating barrier above the skin to lock in moisture.

A men’s facial serum is designed to be incredibly absorbable. It penetrates far beyond those upper skin layers.

Your body constantly repairs and rebuilds itself on a cellular level. Getting more nourishing nutrients to deep skin levels means a younger, healthier appearance.

Does a skin serum for men moisturize your skin too? Yes - and no.

Serums contain potent moisturizing ingredients, but no lubricating and thickening ingredients. The moisturizing ingredients sink deep into your skin, leaving the top layers only slightly hydrated.

You’ll still need a separate moisturizer to create a barrier over the skin. That’s what prevents skin hydration for the upper level skin layers.

How Should I Use a Men’s Face Serum?

Use a face serum for men underneath your face moisturizer or face cream. This is called “layering”.

An anti-aging face serum for men is meant to be absorbed deeply into the skin. It does not provide adequate hydration on its own. You need to apply another form of moisturizer on top of it.

Face moisturizers and creams are better suited to keep the upper, visible layers hydrated. There’s one small exception – some men with extremely oily skin may see better results by only using a face serum. That’s because they only provide minimal hydration. This may be just enough to protect the skin without adding any excess shine.

See these recommended steps to use our men’s facial serums:

 Reviving Day Serum

Reviving Day Serum For Men

Use in the morning.

Want a bigger anti-aging boost? Repeat these steps before bed, but use the Repairing Night Serum.

Repairing Night Serum

Repairing Night Serum For Men

Use at night:

Want a bigger anti-aging boost? Repeat these steps in the morning, but use the Reviving Day Serum.

Enhance Your Skincare Routine

Add a face serum for men to your skincare routine for the best results. You will nourish, repair, and strengthen your skin. That leads to reduced signs of aging, a more youthful complexion, and an overall better look.