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Why You Should Reconsider Your Body Wash

Why You Should Reconsider Your Body Wash

Showering. It’s a simple, everyday task (please do this everyday) that you probably don’t give much thought to. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

But the products you use to clean up in the shower have a major impact on the quality of your skin. If you reach for the same soap bar or body wash you’ve been using since high school, it’s well past time to revisit your options.

Why should you reconsider what body wash (and other shower products) you use? What are the problems caused by low quality body wash? And what benefits can you see from choosing the best body wash for men?

Squeaky Clean Is Bad

For decades, guys have been told they should be “squeaky clean” when they step out of the shower. But that dry and tight feeling is not a good thing when it comes to maintaining your skin in optimal condition.

Oil on your skin is not a bad thing. Excessive oil, yes. But your skin needs a protective layer of natural oil to help keep it moisturized and to protect it from bacteria.

When you shower with a harsh soap or body wash made with intense detergents, you strip away too much of that natural oil layer. You’re left with compromised (and often overly dry) skin that is in desperate need of moisturizing.

One of the major culprits in causing over-drying are ingredients called sulfates. Sulfates are surfactants that attract and trap water and oil. When you rinse off the suds from a soap made with sulfates, you are getting rid of important and protective skin oils.

Gentle Cleansers Are the Right Choice

To avoid this issue, use a body wash for men that’s made with gentle cleansing ingredients. Coconut based cleansers will still remove excess oil - but without stripping away the natural layer your skin needs. Hydrating, protective ingredients in the best body wash for men ensure your skin keeps an adequate moisture level after you’ve washed up.

best body wash for men

Three ingredients you’ll find in the best body wash for men are:

  • Aloe - to boost hydration and nourish your skin with essential vitamins
  • Jojoba - to restore the protective barrier of natural oil that keeps your skin healthy
  • Glycerin - to promote skin cell maturation and keep your skin soft all day long

What About Fragrance?

If you have sensitive skin or have experienced irritation from some brands of body wash in the past, the problem was most likely with the fragrance. Manufacturers have a lot of leeway when it comes to making body wash scents. Sadly, many of the synthetic ingredients they use are harsh, irritating, allergy-inducing, and over-powering.

That’s why a light, naturally scented body wash for men is the right choice - especially for guys with sensitive skin. Check the ingredients list before you buy. What gives the body wash its scent? If it’s simply listed as “fragrance” with no additional details, you have no idea what exactly is being used.

For peace of mind, better results, and no irritation, go with a natural body wash for men scented with safe ingredients. Citrus, mint, sage, and similar scents made with essential oils enhance the experience of getting clean and don’t expose you to potentially hazardous chemicals.

natural body wash for men

How to Make the Switch

Want to get better skin and upgrade your shower routine but not sure where to start? You can get a classic body wash for men or choose an all in one wash designed for your hair and face too.

In either case, don’t be fooled by claims of “natural scents” or “gentle ingredients”. Check the label, read up on the brand, and make sure you’re only using the best body wash for men.

all in one wash for men

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