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What’s in Your Shampoo?

What’s in Your Shampoo?

Ever wonder what exactly you’re rubbing into your hair each time you reach for the shampoo?

It’s a fair question. It turns out that your scalp can be quite sensitive. And it’s likely to absorb many of the substances you expose it to each time you use shampoo.

So... what exactly is in your shampoo?

Should you be worried about it doing harm to your hair and scalp? How can you be confident the shampoo you're using is effective and safe?


Common Shampoo Ingredients to Watch Out for

Most shampoos contain the same basic ingredients. It’s when you get down to the specifics that you discover the huge differences between individual formulas.

Common drug-store shampoos are full of harsh chemicals that do harm to your hair and scalp. Here are a few examples of the biggest offenders:



These are the ingredients that create lather and cleanse your hair. Nothing wrong with that - you want your hair to be clean after using shampoo after all! But not at the price of stripping away all natural oils and leaving you with dull, dry, and damaged hair.

Stay way from products with conventional surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfates, cocamide DEA, and ammonium xylene sulfonate.

Instead, choose a natural product that uses gentle, natural ingredients - like our Daily Strengthening Shampoo or Relieving Dandruff Shampoo. You can still get a rich, foaming lather and a deep clean without the harsh side effects.

For example, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate is a far better surfactant option. It may sound like a big bad chemical substance, but it’s actually a mild cleanser derived from coconut oil. And it is far less likely to irritate your skin.



If your shampoo bottle lists “fragrance” as an ingredient, you’re in trouble. This catch-all term gives you no real information on what is really in your shampoo. And many fragrances are made from strong and harmful synthetic substances.

Ideally, you want a product that's fragrance-free or that contains fragrant essential oils. These natural scent sources are safe, don't irritate, and make your shower experience more invigorating with their rich scents.


Good Hair Care Shouldn't Be Complicated

It can seem hard to take good care of your hair and skin. Hair care isn’t something that most guys talk about - or even think about - very often. But it is important if you want to look and feel your best.

Start with the basics - shampoo and conditioner. We've got you covered with our Daily Revitalizing Hair Care RoutineUse the shampoo about every other day or as needed. You only need to use conditioner about three times a week.

Together, they will keep you hair clean, nourished, and hydrated. You’ll also be taking good care of your scalp, preventing flakes, and promoting hair growth.

Struggling with itchy scalp, flakes, or other irritation? Try our Relieving Dandruff Shampoo and learn more about how it uses gentle, natural ingredients to treat and prevent flakes.

What about styling your hair? Again, keep it simple with one of our pomades. Choose the shine and hold that's right for your style with our complete guide to pomades. 

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