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The Skincare and Grooming Guide for Your Next Big Date (Or Any Important Event)

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You’ve got a date set to spend the evening with your Special Someone. You want to make a good impression. You want to have a great night. And you need to look your best.

Too many guys breeze by their skincare routine for men for date night. They take a quick look in the mirror, fix their hair, and maybe shave. That’s about it.

But fellas, it’s not enough.

If you want to look your very best - for a date or any other special event - you don’t have to waste hours in the bathroom. But a few minutes with the best skincare routine for men can make a world of difference.

Want a simple and easy routine to freshen up before the big night? Follow these tips.


Clean Up

Make sure your face is looking clean and bright. That’s the way to make a lasting impression.

Use warm water to wash your face with the best face wash for men. Choose a gentle formula - you don’t want dry or irritated skin after you wash up. Rinse and pat your face dry. Pulling and dragging at your skin to dry will only lead to premature wrinkles.

Follow up with a quick application of natural face moisturizer for men. This seals in moisture, keeps your skin naturally shiny and refreshed, and prevents dehydration. You can be confident you’ll look your best for the rest of the evening.



Whether you’re rocking some facial hair or go clean-shaven, you should tidy things up before your special event. For the best results, use face scrub for men before you shave. This will open your pores and draw your whiskers up and away from your skin. You’ll get a closer shave with far less irritation.

For the best experience and minimal razor burn, choose a natural shave cream for men. It should be a rich lotion, not some thin foam that does nothing to protect your skin. Use a fresh razor too - this is no time to be cheap and try to get a tenth run out of the old disposable razor.

When you’re done, rinse and treat your skin to the best aftershave - one without alcohol. Menthol and alcohol dry out your skin and cause irritation. Skip them in favor of a natural aftershave that gently refreshes your skin instead.



The bedhead look was working for you back in high school. Maybe even during your freshman year of college. But it’s time to grow up and style your hair like a man. That means a clean, modern hairstyle kept in place and naturally shiny with a flexible hold product.

Your best choice is a natural wax pomade for men. It won’t turn crunchy like gel or poof out your hair like other products. Instead, your hair looks its best and stays malleable in case you need to tighten up your style a little later in the evening.


Skincare and Grooming Build Confidence

An important event can be a stressful moment. You’re excited to see your Special Someone, but you don’t want to disappoint. Instead of worrying about how you look and how it will go, reduce your stress with the best skincare routine for men.

Knowing you look your best will definitely boost your confidence. You can head to your special event with no worries about dull skin, nasty shave irritation, or a messy head of unkempt hair. Instead, you’ll be prepared for a great evening.

If you always want to look and feel at the top of your game, don’t save good skincare just for date nights. Follow your skincare routine everyday to nail your style and always impress.

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