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The Benefits of Looking Good

Handsome man looking in mirror

Anyone can achieve success through hard work and determination. But there’s no denying that it’s just easier for some people. It turns out that, according to some researchers, attractive people have a variety of advantages in life that their less-good-looking peers don’t enjoy,

This doesn’t mean that your genes and appearance doom you to succeed or fail in life. Appearance isn’t everything. And there are things you can do to improve the way you look, like following a daily skincare routine for men.

What does the research say regarding attractiveness and life success? What can you do to benefit from this data?


The Value of Being Attractive

Mostly since the 1990’s, researchers have become interested in the inherent value of attractiveness. Economists note the standard rule of scarcity - scarce commodities always demand a higher price. The same is true for good looking guys. Since they’re scarcer, they’re more valuable as well.

The economic study of beauty - known as pulchronomics - was spearheaded by Daniel Hamermesh, a labor economist who is constantly investigating the value of attractiveness. He and a colleague began tracking the earning potential of a wide range of adults to see if their appearance had an influence. The results?

According to the research by Hamermesh, “a handsome man is posed to make 13 percent more during his career than a ‘looks-challenged’ peer.” Other research shows that when times get tough, such as during a recession, attractive people are more likely to be hired than the general population.

For some professions, it makes sense that beauty is valuable. But what about other careers in which personal appearance doesn't play much of a role in your performance?

In general, incomes still skew higher for attractive people. For example, football quarterbacks that aren’t so good looking tend to earn 12% less than their most handsome colleagues. And it’s not like their face is throwing the ball. What gives?

Even economics professors that were rated as more attractive than most earn more - about 6%. So even the researchers behind these studies aren’t safe from the bias. 


The Limits of Your Appearance

It may seem like the guys blessed with the most handsome genes are lucky in all areas of life. They look great, have an easier time finding a significant other, earn more money, are more likely to be hired… the list goes on and on. Right?

Actually, there are some downsides to being on the high end of the physical appearance spectrum. It’s true that these people tend to earn more. But more is also expected from beautiful people. And if they don’t deliver on those expectations, the disappointment can lead to decreased earnings and limited future opportunities.

On the other hand, a study conducted in 2006 showed that “people tend to expect less from the unattractive, so when they surpass those low expectations they are rewarded.” If you work hard and have a good reputation - even though you aren’t about to win any beauty pageants - you may win out over the better-looking competition.


Look Your Best Everyday

Regardless of the genetic hand you were dealt, you can take small daily steps to improve your appearance. These won’t just make you look better - you’ll also notice that they contribute to improved health.

  • Get More Sleep. You will both look and feel better if you commit to getting enough sleep each night. That means shooting for 7-8 hours. You’ll wake up with better skin, reduced under-eye bags, and less puffiness.
  • Eat Better. Stick to a balanced diet to ensure you’re getting plenty of vitamins and minerals. These contribute to your skin’s appearance and promote healthy hair growth. Don’t skip your fresh fruits and vegetables!
  • Follow a Daily Skincare Routine. Use the best skincare products for men to keep your skin clean and hydrated all day. If you’re new to the idea of skincare, start simple. Use a natural face wash for men each morning and evening, following up with the best face moisturizer for men.

You can’t change your genes. But you can look your best and reap the benefits. Use these tips to enjoy the advantages of looking good in your personal and professional life.

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