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Men's Grooming and the Rise of the Millennial Man

millennial man

Everything can be labeled. If you’re a guy born between the early 1980’s and the late 1990’s, researchers and demographers have a label for you too: Millennial. Whether you love or hate the title, there’s no doubt that modern Millennial men are very different from their fathers and grandfathers of generations gone by. 

Editor’s Note: Most Millennials are in their 20’s or 30’s. Some of the advice here is similar to two of our recent posts. These articles on men’s grooming in your 20’s and skincare for men in their 30’s focus on age. Here we analyze cultural and generational differences between Millennial men and their predecessors. Those differences have a real effect on men's grooming habits.


What Makes Millennials Tick

Everyone is dying to know. There seems to be plenty of confusion. Young men - Millennials - have been simultaneously accused of narcissism and praised for their civic engagement. What gives?

Clearly, as the generation continues to evolve and grow, it is hard to pin down one definition of what a Millennial man is. But here are some common traits that the experts generally agree on:

  • Digital Natives: This is the first generation to grow up with cell phones and the Internet. As such, they were also the first to adopt online shopping, social networking, online dating, and other digital lifestyle trends. These facets of digital life that may have seemed shocking to their parents are perfectly normal to Millennials.
  • Connected: Millennials are “detached from social institutions, networked with friends” and “linked by social media” according to the Pew Research Center.
  • Single: The same report from the Pew Research Center determined that Millennials are “in no rush to marry.” Guys are staying single longer than ever before. Statistics show that only 26% of Millennials are married.


Millennials and Men’s Grooming

What is this generation’s approach to men’s grooming? As times have changed, so have the concepts of beauty and masculinity. Being tough and manly is still important to many guys. But so is being professional, well-groomed, and physically attractive. These are just a few of the ways Millennials are changing the world of men’s grooming.

Beards: Look around at a room full of Millennials. You’re going to see a ton of facial hair. The resurgence of the beard as a popular style choice is unmistakable in this generation. Even guys who don’t rock a full beard are shaving less often. Research shows that over 40% of guys who do shave don’t do it everyday. 

Guys - don’t let your beard turn into a hot mess. Use these tips to grow a beard that will get you the right kind of attention. And don’t forget to use beard oil everyday to give your facial hair a pleasing shine and texture.

Not down with facial hair? Get your best, closest shave with this simple yet effective shave routine for men

  • Finally, follow up with alcohol-free natural aftershave to prevent irritation, redness, and itchiness. 

Natural, Organic Products: Millennials are sick of the same old products. They're well educated. They live on social media. And they’re distrustful of big brands. With good reason. Too many popular drug-store men’s products are full of harsh, skin-damaging chemicals.

Improve your skin and look your best by using organic men’s grooming products. They contain hydrating, skin-enhancing ingredients. Natural skincare for men products help you slow the aging process. And they keep your skin healthy and clear.

Forever Young: Guys are getting married later in life. They’re pursuing exciting, successful careers. And both of these contribute to the growing interest in anti-aging products for men. When time isn’t on your side, you have to fight back.

For young Millennial men, the best defense is a good offense. The smart way to prevent wrinkles and stay looking youthful is to follow a basic skin care routine for men


The Future of Men’s Grooming

There’s no telling what the future will bring. How will the next generation approach men’s grooming? And what clever name will demographers come up with for them 20 years from now? Until then, Millennials will continue to influence the world. And you'll feel it - in everything from politics and pop culture to skincare for men

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