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Men’s Grooming Tips for On-the-Go Guys

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Are you always on the go? A busy lifestyle can be exciting - but also challenging.

For city dwellers, the on-the-go lifestyle may mean you leave your apartment in the morning and don’t come back until just before it’s time for bed. You have to find a way to pack everything you need for your entire day. Easier said than done.

Jet setters have their own challenges. If your career has you traveling often, you have to contend with being in and out of hotels, packing for airport security, and dealing with the instability of spending lots of time away from home.

All that on-the-go living can take its toll on you - especially when it comes to your grooming and skincare routine. The combination of travel, stress, and being away from home can add up to a poor personal care routine that - sorry guys - shows.

But you’re not doomed to dull skin and bad grooming just because you’re always on the go. Use these 4 tips to help you look your best, no matter where you are or when you’ll get back.


1 - Simplify Your Skincare & Grooming Routine

Do you enjoy a luxurious, multi-step grooming ritual at home? If so, wonderful. But it’s pretty hard to emulate that experience when you’re away from home or generally on-the-go all day.

To stick to your skincare and grooming routine - no matter where you are - it has to be simple. A complex routine that requires lots of time alone in front of a bathroom mirror and a long list of skincare products is not going to be manageable when you’re cleaning up in the gym locker room or unpacking in a hotel bathroom after a red eye flight.

A simple men’s skincare routine is all you need to look your best everyday. It should include a face wash for men and face moisturizer for men. Use them each morning and evening to clean, refresh, and hydrate your skin. You may want to bring along a few extras of your own liking, but these are two skincare must-have’s.

Apart from that, a travel-size all in one body wash for men is a smart item to pack along - whether you need to clean up on the go or will be away from home for several days.


2 - Create an Easy to Use Travel Kit

Tossing a few bottles into the bottom of your duffel bag is not a travel kit. That’s a problem waiting to happen. Because the small travel bottles will get lost. Or they will spill. And it generally won’t be a good experience.

That’s why you should invest in an easy to use travel kit. Keep all your men’s skincare essentials there. Whether it’s a top of the line leather dopp kit or a simple hanging toiletry bag, you need something you’ll enjoy using and that holds all your skincare and grooming products in one simple setup.


3 - Be Specific to Your Needs/Destinations

If you try to bring along everything you could possibly need for your hair and skin, your travel kit is quickly going to get out of control. All that bulk and weight are unfriendly - whether you have to carry them around the city in a bag or have to worry about luggage weight in the airport.

The solution to carrying everything? Get specific. If you know you’re going to go for a run in the park after work, pack an SPF face moisturizer for men in your travel bag. If you’re hitting the gym, you won’t need SPF protection. But it would be smart to bring alone your all in one wash for men and have a quick shower after your workout - that way you don’t show up for dinner and drinks with friends all stinky.

The same applies to long distance travel. If you’re going to be flying or visiting a dry climate, hydration is critical. So make sure you bring your face moisturizer for men. But you may be able to skip some of your other products based on where you’ll be and what activities you have planned.


4 - Adjust as Needed

Leading an on-the-go lifestyle means learning to adjust to meet new challenges. That applies to your skincare and grooming routine too. If you find you aren’t using a product that you typically carry with you, take it out. That will make room for more in your bag and help you have a more efficient day.

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