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How Your Men's Skincare Routine Should Change for Winter

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Falling temperatures. White stuff dropping from the sky. Hot cocoa beside a warm fire.

Winter’s great. But not for your skin.

If you take care of your skin year round, you know how different it feels during the cold months of winter. The air is dry and chilly. The wind is biting. It’s rough on your face, hair, and body.

What can you do about it? Use these tips to update your men’s skincare routine for winter and prevent common issues.


Moisturize Frequently

Winter brings cold, dry air. You’re more likely to notice tight, dehydrated skin that gets rough and flakey. It’s a bad look - whether it happens on your face, hands, elbows, or anywhere else.

You’ve got to step up your moisturizing game during the fall and winter. That means using face moisturizer for men at least twice a day. You’ll get the most benefit if you use it each morning and evening right after you wash your face. Another option is to apply it immediately after taking a shower.

What if you’ve got dry, sensitive skin? Or you spend a lot of time outdoors during the cold months? Carry a small bottle of face moisturizer for men with you to apply whenever you notice your skin drying out - leave it in your car or bag.

It’s also important to drink plenty of water. That can be hard during the winter - you’re not sweating as much, you’d rather have a warm cup of coffee than a cool glass of water… But sugary, caffeinated beverages are not what your skin needs. Stay hydrated - by drinking plenty of water and using the best face moisturizer for men - or hand cream for men and body lotion for men.


Beware Scalp Dryness

Dry conditions affect your hair and scalp too. Guys who don’t have dandruff most of the year can suddenly experience extensive flakes when the seasons change. If that’s your situation, you need to step up your approach to hair care.

  • Shampoo. Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates, as these will leave your scalp and hair dehydrated. Most shampoos are made with harsh detergents that are too aggressive for your skin. They remove all your scalp’s natural oils. Instead, use a gentle shampoo for men designed to strengthen hair and wash away dirt and bacteria, not healthy oils.
  • Conditioner. If you don’t normally use conditioner, you need to start now. Winter conditions are rough on hair - but the best hair conditioner for men can fix that. Use it every other day to restore moisture to your scalp, prevent dandruff, and minimize any redness or itch.


SPF Still Matters

Don’t think your skin is safe from the sun just because you aren’t at the beach. The sun’s UV radiation still damages your skin and accelerates the aging process - even in the dead of winter.

Guys, stop resisting. Use an SPF face moisturizer for men whenever you will be spending lots of time outdoors. No, it’s not overkill. No, you won’t damage your skin if you use a natural, zinc-based SPF product like our Daily Defense Face Moisturizer. And yes, taking a minute or two to apply sunscreen is well worth the long term benefits.


Fight the Aging Effects of Dry Skin

Dry, wintry conditions make aged skin look even older. If you’ve been holding off on starting an anti-aging skincare routine for men, now is the right time. The extra hydrating and rejuvenating effects of these products will have even more noticeable effects as the weather gets harsh. Here’s how to create an effective approach to anti-aging:

  • Use Serum. After washing your face, use a face serum for men. This deep penetrating product improves skin elasticity below the surface. It boosts collagen production and fights long term sun damage to your skin.
  • Then Anti-Aging Cream. This hydrating cream does more than just restore moisture. Anti-aging cream for men also tightens your facial muscles to fight atrophy. It promotes skin firmness. And it diminishes the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • And Eye Cream. Dark, tired eyes instantly age you. You need to get plenty of sleep to keep your skin looking great. But dark circles and eye bags may persist. The best eye cream for men stimulates circulation and gently moisturizes the sensitive skin around your eyes. You won’t look as young and vital as you feel if your eyes are showing your age.

Instead of complaining about the cold weather, get out there and enjoy the winter. Just be sure you’ve got a winter skincare routine for men that keeps you looking your best.

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