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How to Treat and Prevent Beard Acne

Bearded man

Your full, thick beard makes you look and feel masculine. You rock that thing with style, impressing everyone you meet.

Until they get close. Then they notice all the blemishes and breakouts hiding just beneath the hair. Those red bumps and whiteheads that sometimes poke out from beneath your beard.

Acne sucks. Beard acne can be even worse. If you love your beard but hate the skin blemishes it brings, these beard acne tips will help.


Wash, But Be Gentle

You need to keep your facial hair and the skin beneath it clean to prevent acne breakouts. But that doesn’t mean you should over-wash with harsh soaps. That would be bad.

The best approach is also a simple one - use a gentle men’s face wash each morning and evening to remove bacteria, debris, and other leftovers from the skin beneath your beard. Since pimples and other blemishes are caused by bacterial or fungal growth, washing away that bacteria is critical to preventing breakouts.

If you’ve got sensitive skin or dry skin that’s prone to becoming flakey, make sure you’re using a men’s face wash for dry skin. Our Purifying Charcoal Face Wash is made with olive oil and activated charcoal to remove impurities without causing unnecessary irritation.


Moisturize Often

Moisturizing your skin after washing is critical. This rehydrates your skin and locks in moisture. It also prevents irritation and excessive dryness, both of which contribute to beard acne growth.

Remember, the skin under your beard is just that: skin. Even if your whiskers are soft and well-conditioned, the skin beneath them may be suffering. Don’t skip using men’s face moisturizer just because you have a beard.

Another option - or one you can intersperse with applying moisturizer - is using a natural beard oil. Our’s is made with jojoba and argan oils. They hydrate your beard, shine your whiskers, and soften the hairs. If you have oily skin, you may want to use beard oil every other day to prevent excess oil buildup.


Don’t Pop Pimples

Resist the urge to pop those pimples. Breakouts beneath your beard may not be extremely visible, but they can still get infected and become painful. If you notice a breakout, stick to your routine of men’s face wash and men’s face moisturizer. It will resolve itself soon.

If you have constant breakouts or struggle despite a good skincare routine, see your dermatologist. There could be an issue beyond just common acne.


Razor Bumps Happen

Do you shave your neck or jaw line to keep your beard trimmed up nice and neat? Great… unless that results in ingrown hairs and razor bumps. To prevent them, use a men’s face scrub before you shave. That will prepare the skin for a far smoother experience. It also softens your whiskers so that your razor slices them away cleanly.

Guys with curly hair tend to struggle with ingrown hairs. If that’s your situation, use men’s face scrub every other day - but especially before you shave. Always follow up with alcohol-free aftershave. Having a beard prevents you from getting ingrown hairs all over your face, but even a small patch at your neckline can be miserable.


Simple Habits Prevent Acne

Beyond your men’s skincare routine, you can also prevent acne by drinking plenty of water, washing your sheets and pillow cases often, and learning to stop touching your face so often. That will limit the transference of bacteria - as will washing your hands frequently.

Acne is frustrating - and unfortunately it can even happen under your beard. But you can treat and prevent beard acne by sticking to a good grooming routine and using the best skincare products for men. That way you can show off your beard with the confidence that both your whiskers and the skin beneath look great.

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