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How to Prevent Cracked Hands in Winter

Man applying hand cream

What do you associate with winter? The cold, crisp air? The beautiful, clean, white scenery? Ski trips and sipping hot cocoa in the lodge with good friends?

Unfortunately, lots of guys think of something else. Their dry, cracked, bleeding hands.

Despite your efforts at men’s grooming, you may suffer from chapped hands during the winter season. What causes this? What can you do to prevent it? Use these tips to treat your hands right.


Cold Air and Your Hands

The main culprit behind chapped and cracked hands is the cold, dry air. Your body produces natural skin oils to prevent moisture loss. This is essential to maintaining healthy skin. But what changes during the winter?

The air gets dry. Nasty dry. That’s because the humidity in the outside air plummets. Add wind and cold, and the air starts to sap the moisture right out of your skin.

Things aren't any better inside. Indoor heating leads to even drier air. So no matter where you go, you’re facing a tough situation for your poor hands.


Keep Them Moisturized

The only way to combat all these bad conditions is to keep your hands moisturized. This sounds easy. All you have to do is apply a hand cream for men, right?

In theory, sure. But it’s more complicated than that. Definitely keep a natural hand lotion for men with you at all times. If you don’t want to carry around a large bottle, store a travel size hand lotion for men at work or in your car. As soon as you start to feel that dry, chapped sensation, apply your lotion.

Do this sooner than later. The longer you leave your hands dry, the worse they can get. This can eventually lead to deep cracks - fissures even - in your skin. They may begin to bleed, leading to extreme discomfort. 

It’s not hard to apply hand cream for men throughout the day. Don’t be lazy, guys. Make this a priority. Your hands - and anyone you come into contact with - will thank you.


Beware of Water

Another major cause of dry hands during winter is exposure to water. That’s right - every time you wash your hands, you are actually drying them out. It may seem counterintuitive, but its’ the truth. Hot water is even worse.

What can you do to minimize dry hands from water exposure?

  • Clean with rubber gloves. They may not be your style, but your hands will appreciate the relief. Whether you’re washing dishes or cleaning up around the house, gloves are your friends. The combination of hot water with chemical cleaning agents is bad news for your sensitive hands.
  • Wash with lukewarm water. Don’t wash your hands or shower with scalding hot water. You might  find it more relaxing. And it may feel great when the winter weather is making you shiver. But your skin won’t appreciate it one bit. Lukewarm water is easier on your skin. And it won’t remove as much of the essential oils protecting your skin's outermost layer.
  • Use a gentle soap. Harsh chemicals in most soaps will dry your hands and skin out even worse. Switch to a natural body wash for men or a natural soap bar for men. Choose one with gentle cleansers, not strong chemicals. They won’t strip away your body’s natural oils.  And they contain moisturizing ingredients to protect your skin from drying out too fast.


No More Chapped, Cracked Hands

Use these suggestions to prevent dry, cracked hands during the cold season. Always keep your hand cream for men nearby so you can moisturize your hands throughout the day. Avoid using hot water or strong chemical products that strip away natural oils.

With a good men's grooming routine, you can take good care of your hands and skin this winter. Instead of rough, cracked hands, you can take pride in your well-moisturized, naturally smooth hands. 

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