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How to Grow a Thicker Beard

Man with very thick hair

Wearing a thick mane of face fuzz for the winter? Wishing you could grow a thicker beard instead of a patchy mess?

You’re not alone. Lots of guys have jumped onto he lumberjack-fashion trend of big, long, thick beards. But other men just don’t seem to be able to grow out their whiskers to look so full and masculine. What gives?

A lot of this comes down to genetics. If you have patchy places in your beard, there’s no way to magically fix that. But there are ways to improve the thickness and appearance of the hairs you can grow. Here’s how.


Don’t Trim… Let It Grow

Want a thicker beard? You’ve got to grow it out. This requires patience. And it also requires that  you give specific attention to how and why you groom your beard during this month (or so) of the waiting game.

As your whiskers grow steadily longer, you need to keep them soft and hydrated. Use a natural beard oil daily to coat your facial hair with protective oils that give your hair a natural shiny, healthy look. This will also keep you hairs from becoming a tangled mess. Brush your beard daily to spread the beard oil all over and cover your hairs completely.

You shouldn’t trim your beard at your cheeks or under your chin during this phase. But do be aware of your mustache, neckline, and cheeklines. Give your beard a little definition by trimming up those potential problem areas. This won’t reduce length or thickness - but it will make you look less disheveled and balance your facial hair.


Stay Healthy

You are what you eat. Don’t expect an impressive growth of manly facial hair if you eat garbage all the time and don’t drink enough water. Here’s how some basic tenets of good health contribute to a thicker beard:

  • Drink more water - Hydrates and softens your facial hair
  • Eat plenty of proteins - Your hair is made of proteins, without enough protein you won’t have strong hair
  • Get enough sleep - Good sleep habits improve your overall health, including the growth and appearance of your hair
  • Exercise regularly - Promotes good circulation, which supports hair growth
  • Reduce stress - Prevents hormone imbalances that can interfere with natural hair growth


Grow a Beard that Works for You

Instead of trying to emulate a celebrity or grow the kind of beard you imagine will look best, focus on growing a beard that works for you. If your cheeks are patchy wastelands of skin, don’t go for a full beard. Keep your cheeks shaved and focus on growing a thick, stylish goatee instead.

The point is to go with what works for you. You’ll look bad if you’re trying to reach for a style that genetically you just can’t pull off.


Keep It Clean and Hydrated

Once you’ve grown in your thick and luxurious facial hair, keep it clean and hydrated. Use the best natural shampoo for men to wash away excess oil and dirt that can get stuck up in your beard and lead to skin issues. Keep your beard moisturized with a natural beard oil. That will also help keep the skin under your beard hydrated - an important detail if you hope to avoid beard flakes.

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