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How to Fix Frizzy Hair for Men

How to Fix Frizzy Hair for Men

Frizzy hair in men can happen to anyone - whether you have short, long, straight, or curly hair. And it's not great - frizzy hair gives you a messy look and takes away from your efforts to perfect your ideal hair style.

If you want to know how to fix frizzy hair for men, the first step is understanding what causes frizzy hair. Once you're aware of the cause (or causes, they could be multiple), you'll be able to make the necessary adjustments so that your hair stays looking great - not all frizzed out.


What Causes Frizzy Hair in Men?

A variety of factors can cause frizzy hair in men - some are environmental and can't be changed. But others are directly related to the way you treat your hair.



Your hair is very sensitive to the weather, especially how humid it is outside. That's because your hair needs moisture. And if it doesn't have enough, it will pull it from the air. But that will make it frizzy. 

What's going on with men's frizzy hair and humidity? Keratin proteins in your hair form hydrogen bonds from water in the air when it's humid. Those bonds make the cells of your hair strands fold back on themselves. This process eventually changes the shape of your hair - so straight hair gets wavy, wavy hair gets curly, and curly hair gets super curly - but all of them get frizzy.



When your hair lacks proper moisture, the shape of its individual strands changes. Instead of lying flat and smooth, it flares out in a shape like a pinecone. As mentioned above, it also bonds with hydrogen in the air. The combination of these two factors lead to men's frizzy hair.


Your Hair Type

Even though "frizzy" is not a hair type in and of itself, there's no denying that some men have hair that is more prone to frizz than others. That's especially true if you have long or curly hair.

Guys with long hair often tend to get men's frizzy hair at the ends or tips of their strands. That's because the natural oils that come from your scalp and coat the hair have a lot farther to travel if you have long hair. The result is dry hair and split ends, both of which present as frizzy hair in men.

If you have curly hair, you have a similar issue that leaves you prone to having men's frizzy hair. Curly hair inhibits the flow of natural hair oils to the tips of each strand. So those hairs are more likely to dry out and become frizzy.


Your Hair Care Habits

You can't always blame the weather or your genes for frizzy hair. You - and more specifically, your hair care habits, might be the culprit. Some common ways that guys cause their own frizzy hair include:

  • Aggressive towel drying - which can damage, weaken, and frizz out your hair.
  • Showering in very hot water - which strips your hair of natural oils and leaves it dehydrated.
  • Using harsh shampoo - with detergents that dehydrate your hair and scalp.
  • Not using conditioner - which would restore critical moisture.
  • Using styling products with alcohol - which dries out your hair.


How to Fix Frizzy Hair

Of course, you don't just want to know what causes frizzy hair in men. You also need to know how to fix frizzy hair for men. Here are several ways to accomplish that - use the one that works best for you based on what you understand to be the reason behind all your frizziness.


Get a Trim

Split ends are most common in guys with longer hair, but even men with short hair get this kind of hair damage. Regular visits to your barber for a trim - even if it's slight - will help reduce how frizzy your hair gets.

How often you should visit the barber depends on your rate of hair growth - which varies from man to man. But in general, a haircut every 3-6 weeks will keep your hair looking its best.


Turn Down the Water Temperature

Hot water feels great in the shower - but it's not doing your hair any favors. It strips away the natural oils that coat your hair strands and prevent it from becoming frizzy. So - if you're serious about reducing men's frizzy hair - you need to turn down the water temperature a bit.

Don't worry - you don't have to go from scalding to ice bath to see a difference. Just turning the water down a few degrees can have a significant effect. Go for lukewarm water when you're washing and rinsing your hair. That will keep you comfortable without damaging your hair.


Wash with Gentle Shampoo

Harsh detergents in many low quality shampoos are known to cause hair frizz in men. You can prevent that by switching to a gentle, natural shampoo that hydrates and strengthens your hair instead.

Our Daily Strengthening Shampoo is your best bet. It's made with hydrolyzed wheat protein, amino acids, peppermint, and tea tree oil for a soothing experience that won't leave your hair dry or frizzy.


Use Hair Conditioner

Too many guys are still skipping the conditioner but imagining that their hair is going to look great despite that. Nope. Conditioner is essential to having smooth, frizz-free, enviable hair. It restores moisture, nourishes your hair and scalp, and improves your hair's natural shine.

Our Revitalizing Hair Conditioner is made with a base of thick, moisturizing, nutrient-rich aloe. This ensures that your hair is left with plenty of hydration - unlike other hair styling products that use a water base and contain harsh ingredients. Our conditioner is also made with borage oil and avocado oil for dandruff control, reduced scalp inflammation, and stronger hair strands.


Use Hydrating Hairstyling Products

Styling products made with alcohol and other dehydrating ingredients are no good for men's frizzy hair. But don't worry - there are excellent options for hairstyling products that will keep you looking great without causing dehydration or frizz.

Our collection of natural pomades - each designed with a specific level of hold and shine - won't irritate, dry out, or frizz up your hair. For an all day hold and a matte finish, try our Styling Clay Pomade. It's made with bentonite clay, argan oil, and hydrolyzed quinoa. So you get perfectly styled hair that's also strong, healthy, and frizz-free - it's all good.

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