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Does Alcohol Damage Your Skin?

Man drinking whiskey

After a long hard day (or week) a beer (or whiskey, or your drink of choice) is a great way to relax. Just let the stress sink away and ease into it.

But how does alcohol affect your skin?

It’s a question worth asking, especially if you’re making an effort to improve your skincare for men routine. You already know that good skincare for men starts with using face wash for men and face moisturizer for men each morning.

But is that enough? Could alcohol be undoing all the good you’ve done?


How Alcohol Affects Your Skin

It all starts with dehydration. Alcohol dehydrates your entire body - including the skin. If you’ve read posts before here on The Grooming Manual, you know that dehydration is one of the most common skin problems guys face. It’s also one of the key culprits in the aging process.

When your skin is dehydrated, all its flaws are exaggerated. Fine lines grow deeper. Wrinkles become more pronounced. And your pores look much bigger.

There’s another problem beyond dehydration. Alcohol also opens up blood vessels, giving you a flushed appearance. This dilation can lead to redness and puffiness - neither of which is very flattering.

When’s the last time you thought you look good with puffy under eye bags? Definitely not.


Preventing Negative Effects

Fortunately, most of the negative effects of alcohol on your skin will clear up on their own once you’ve rehydrated. But you don’t have to wait that long to look decent. Here are a few ways to look good and still enjoy a few beers.

  • Moderation. It’s the simplest solution. Don’t overdo it and your face will look that much better.
  • Pace Yourself. Give your body time to process each drink. That way your skin won’t get as dehydrated and you’ll stay looking your best.
  • Hydrate. Having a glass of water between each drink isn’t just a great way to prevent a hangover - it’s also the smart way to save your skin.


Dealing with Dehydrated Skin

What if it’s too late for prevention? Remember that refreshing your skin is all about hydration. That will help smooth the wrinkles and fine lines that the alcohol has worsened.

Start by using face wash for men to clean away excess oil and grime. It will feel great and leave with a clean slate for the next step in your rehydration plan.

Hydrate your skin with face moisturizer for men. Don’t reach for some oily formula that will leave you skin shiny and slick. Instead, go with a natural face moisturizer for men that absorbs quickly and offers maximum hydration.

Finish up with lip balm for men and eye cream for men. The former will prevent chapped and cracked lips while the latter gets rid of dark circles and under eye bags. It’s the ideal skincare for men one-two punch.


Hydrate Your Skin Daily

Alcohol has a major dehydrating effect on your skin. If you want to look your best, drink in moderation. And prevent dehydration by following a daily skincare for men regimen that includes face moisturizer for men.

You don’t have to use much to see benefits. Just apply a dime-sized amount all over your face. For the best results, use it twice daily after face wash for men - once in the morning and once in the evening.

And if you have a bit too much fun and wake up looking pretty rough, no worries. Your skin will clear up soon enough. Besides, now you have a solid plan to get rehydrated and looking your best in no time.

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