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Are Skincare and Masculinity at Odds?

Man with skincare products

In recent years, some men’s grooming brands have stirred up quite the discussion about grooming, skincare, and masculinity. The divisive culture of the modern world and the intimate relationship every guy has with their own sense of masculinity has made having an open dialogue on the topic quite challenging.On one side, some men claim that being too interested in skincare and grooming makes you feminine. They insist on having a high quality experience with certain grooming tasks - like shaving, for example - but don’t want to take things any further.

But many men realize that looking and feeling your best has always been a part of strong, healthy masculinity. And while the exact definition of what it means to be a “man” or “manly” or “masculine” may go through changes, having healthy skin and personal confidence will always be important.

Here’s why skincare and masculinity are not at odds, but are instead complimentary.


Skincare and Grooming Enhance Masculinity

One of the long defining aspects of masculinity is confidence. And it’s impossible to be confident in your personal appearance if you aren’t well groomed. The explosion in popularity of all kinds of facial hair styles has led to an increased interest in proper grooming. Notice what one guy said got him interested in skincare and grooming:

“I never cared much about grooming until I grew out a beard. I spent a long time trying to find products that would help not only my beard, but my irritated skin.” - John M., 31

When you learn more about your skin type, how to treat it, and how to enhance your appearance, the result is personal confidence. Since healthy self esteem is important for everyone, this is a benefit that shouldn’t be ignored.


Professional Benefits of Skincare and Grooming

Many men take pride in their ability to earn a living, provide for their families, and have a successful career. And it turns out that having an effective skincare routine for men contributes to professional success as well. How?

Reports show that - fair or not - more attractive men earn more than their average looking colleagues. And there’s no doubt that the competition in the professional world is fierce. Guys who want every competitive edge available realize that taking care of their skin and personal grooming is essential.

It’s not about personal vanity or obsession - it’s a matter of presenting your best self to the world. And reaping the benefits.


Long Term Health Benefits

In some cases, a good skincare routine can contribute to long term health benefits. Consider the risk of developing skin cancer due to sun exposure. For some men, the idea of protecting your skin from the sun with an SPF product seems weak. They would rather be tough guys and just deal with the sun burn.

But that’s not being masculine. That’s just dumb.

There is ample evidence that sun exposure leads to early wrinkles, aged skin, and a higher risk for skin cancer. So smart men who take their appearance and health seriously use an SPF face moisturizer for men instead of just toughing it out in the sun.


Changing the Conversation

The endless debates about what is or isn’t masculine can be exhausting. It’s an aspect of the culture wars that will continue to rage on for now. But you don’t have to get caught up in the debate.

Instead, you can focus on looking and feeling your best. Use the best skincare products for men to enhance your appearance, contribute to your personal sense of masculinity, and boost your self confidence.

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