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Late Night, Early Morning

Alarm clock

We’ve all done it. Stayed out with buddies or a special someone way too late, or worked into the wee hours of the night, all knowing we have an important, early morning. Most of the time, you end up looking like crap. Perhaps you’ve got a huge meeting the next day that you need to look completely sharp and ready for. We lay out a few quick strategies you can employ to look refreshed in situations like these:


Take a Quick Jog

If you’re physically able, take a quick jog or a 5 minute sessions of going up and down a flight of stairs. Getting blood flowing through your body will remove the puffiness in your face after a long night.


Drink Water

Drink as much water as possible. Rehydrating your body will not only make you physically feel better, but it will hydrate your face.


Eat Breakfast if You Can

If your stomach can handle it, eat a little food and take a vitamin. Contrary to popular belief, avoid any type high carb breakfast. A high carb breakfast will cause an immediate drop in blood sugar (aka energy) about an hour later- right when you need the energy the most. Ideally, a quick protein shake or some eggs is the best course of action.


Get Clean

Take a shower and wash your face – This should be a no-brainer. The best Men’s Face Wash will immediately remove dirt and oil, in addition to feeding your skin with valuable nutrients.


Use Face Moisturizer for Men

Use some men’s face moisturizer – This will immediately hydrate your face and provide nutrients to bring it back to life. Also, use a men's eye cream that has caffeine in it, which stimulates blood around your eyes, removing bags and puffiness.


Bonus Tips

While men’s products are convenient, they won’t be able to match the more time consuming tips below:

  • Grab a few ice cubes (or cold spoons) and hold them over your eyes for about 5 minutes. Is it weird? Yes. Does it work? Yes. The cold will immediately reduce puffiness; just don’t press so hard or leave them on so long that you “ice burn” your skin.
  • To further stimulate blood flow and bring life back into your face: Find caffeinated tea bags (black or green preferably), soak them in warm water for 5 minutes, and then put them over your eyes. The caffeine will help circulate blood around your eyes, reducing puffiness and making them look more alert.
  • When all else fails, make a quick cup of tea (or coffee) to wake you up. Keep in mind, caffeine is hard on the digestive system, so if you’re hung over and think you might not be able to keep it down, it’s best to avoid caffeine altogether.
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