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5 Skin Care Tips for College Guys

College student

You’re young. You’re living life to the fullest. You’re having fun.

You’re worrying about your men's skin care?

I know, this doesn’t seem to make sense. But bear with me here.

The truth is that - college guys - you really should be taking better care of your skin. You will thank yourself in a few years when your friends are getting wrinkles and you’re still getting complemented on your dashing good looks. 

After all, you’re going to college to better yourself - get a great education, prepare for a successful career, become a productive member of society. This is no time to forget about your health, including skin care.

Apply these 5 tips (none of which require more than 5 minutes) and you will see noticeable results now and in the future. It’s win-win!


#1 - Have a Daily Skin Care Routine

For starters - don’t worry. Your men skin care routine does not have to be some long, drawn out daily ritual.

College guys - you are not well known for your well organized lifestyle. So let’s keep this short and sweet. You are more likely to follow a simple routine that uses just a few basic products than some major spa-style skin care procedure. 

In the morning:

Cleanse. Use a face wash for men that is designed for your skin type. This will get rid of oil, dirt, and whatever other gunk may be hanging out on your face. You’re in college - who knows what’s on you.

Scrub. This only happens 1-3 times a week, so don’t go crazy. Use mens face scrub to remove dull, dead skin and other buildup.

In the evening:

Cleanse. Yes, do this again. You’ve probably had a long day of classes, studying, partying, and whatever else it is college guys do. 

In the shower:

Make things as easy as possible. Use an all in one wash for men that cleanses your hair, face, and body. This is much better than a drug store soap bar that will dry out your skin.


#2 - Moisturize

Technically, this is the final step in your morning and evening routines. But it gets it own tip because so many guys forget, skip, or just ignore this step.

College guys, pay attention, this will be on the exam: you need to moisturize your face every morning and every evening!

Face moisturizer for men keeps your skin firm. It fights the aging process. It’s all around good for your skin.


#3 - Get Plenty of Rest

Most people don’t look back on their college years and think, “Oh, I slept so well back then.” You crash into bed at the wee hours of the morning, you drink too much, you party too long, you…

This sounds so adult, I know. But it’s true. Getting plenty of rest will do wonders for your skin - not to mention your overall health. There’s no definitive amount of time you need to sleep each night, but shooting for 6-8 hours is ideal.

And when (not if) you stay out partying too late - and getting plenty of rest isn't an option - use a men's eye cream to help reduce the inevitable puffiness and dark circles.

What does sleep have to do with skin health?

-- Skin repairs itself while you’re sleeping.

-- The sleep deprived suffer from puffy eyes.

-- Blood flow to the skin increases during sleep.


#4 - Use Sunscreen

Getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors is essential, especially for young guys. But do yourself a huge favor and protect your skin before you get out in the sun.

Always wear sunscreen if you will be in the sun for 30 minutes. Choose a face moisturizer for men with natural SPF of at least 15 that won't expose your skin to potentially toxic ingredients.

Sure, your tan makes you popular with the ladies. But sun exposure leads to wrinkled, leathery skin. Worst of all, long term sun exposure - especially if you get burned often - puts you at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. 


#5 - Stay Hydrated 

Another all around health tip that is a critical part of having healthy skin. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, clear, and healthy.

Remember, hydration doesn’t mean pounding beers and sodas. You need to drink good, old-fashioned water. Sure, the occasional coffee, tea, soda, or beer isn’t going to ruin your skin. But aim to drink more water than any other beverage throughout the day.


Time to Start Taking Care of Your Skin

College is a transitional time - you’re not a kid anymore but you’re certainly not a full blown adult yet either. As part of the inevitable move into old-manhood, you need to start taking better care of your health.

The good news is that men's skin care is not difficult. Use these tips to improve your skin, look your best, and stay that way for years to come.

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