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A Men's Skin Care Routine For the Summer

Man holding face moisturizer

Summer is fast approaching and with it, your time in the sun is going to increase dramatically. Before running out under the sunshine, read our summer men's skin care routine to keep your skin looking firm and hydrated, not sun cooked.



Summer means sweating...a lot. Sweat gathers oils and bacteria as it rolls down your face, to ultimately sit in your pores. As these impurities sit in your pores, they create pimples and other impurities on your face. You want to make sure to use a natural face wash for men at least twice a day to keep your pores oil and impurity free for a bright complexion. If you're out in the sun all day sweating a lot, add in another cleanse right after. As always, make sure to use a daily men's face wash that's made for your skin type.



Being out in the sun all day can severely dry out your skin. It's imperative you make sure to restore lost moisture with a natural face moisturizer for men. Dry skin can make you look tired, weathered and speed up the aging process. Fine lines and wrinkles are more prominent when skin is dried out.

Apply an oil free face moisturizer for men to your face after you wash it. If your skin is severely dried out from the sun or you have a dry skin type, we suggest using an anti aging cream for men after you cleanse your face instead. A men's anti wrinkle cream will contain more moisturizers and be thicker, thus being able to restore lost moisture better.


No summer men's facial care routine would be complete without sun protection. The sun is the #1 cause of aging and you need to protect yourself from its powerful and harmful UV rays.


The Bottomline

Despite what popular culture says, there is nothing "healthy" about a tan. A tan is actually a sign your skin has created more melanin to help heal and protect itself from excess sun exposure. If you can, try to limit your sun exposure to no more than 30 minutes a day. If not, polarized sunglasses, an men's organic lip balm and natural sunscreen for men are a must. If using sunscreen, apply at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.

Keeping your skin looking hydrated and energized this summer is easy with the above men's skin care tips.

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