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Shaving Tips for Black Men

Man shaving

Razor bumps and in grown hairs. If you're a black man, these are probably daily issues for you post shave, and for good reason. Shaving for black men presents a unique set of problems as black men predominately have curly hair and sensitive skin. Curly hair, when shaved, usually grows back into the skin causing bumps and major irritation. Prevent these issues by learning the best shaving tips and techniques for black men, as well as the best shaving products for black men in this article.



Take a warm shower to open the skin's pores, allowing hair to fully protrude from the skin. Cleanse your face with a men’s face wash to remove any build up on the skin that can clog the razor.

Next, one of the most important steps is to use a men's face scrub. Since you probably have curly hair, this will help soften and lift up any hair that had already started to grow into the skin. Shaving hair that is already growing inward makes in nearly impossible to remove and scrubbing the skin prevents this. Scrub the entire shave area to make sure your hair is protruding as high as possible. Keep in mind you do not need to apply much pressure for the scrub to work well.



The best shaving cream for men is a natural men's shaving cream. Lathering and foaming shaving creams have tiny air pockets that allow the blade to directly scrape against your skin, causing irritation and bumps. A natural men’s shaving cream will create a protective layer of lubricant between your blade and the skin, removing any friction.

Two of the best shaving techniques for black men are to only shave with the grain and do not pull the skin tight. Pulling the skin is one of the biggest causes of in grown hairs as it cuts the whisker below the skin. Your objective is to actually leave a millimeter or so of hair, not be clean shaven. This will help prevent in grown hair and razor bumps.


Post shave:

Shaving for black men should always end with a men's aftershave. Aftershave helps calm and soothe the skin, helping reduce razor bumps. In addition, it acts as anti-septic, keeping bacteria from creating inflammation under the skin. Apply aftershave directly post shave and also once a day for the first 72 hours after to prevent bacteria from creeping in.

An important black men's shaving tip is to use a face scrub for men each day for three days post shave as well. This loosens any hair that is starting to grown inward.

Post shave, black men are more likely to develop keloid scarring. Inflammation caused by an improper shave results in the body sending collagen to the affected area to help it heal. This extra collagen builds up, creating small black scars.

It's also important to adopt a black men's skin care routine as healthy skin will result in a better shave all around.


Key takeaways:

  • Take a warm shower and wash your face with a face wash for men. Follow up with a men's face scrub.
  • Shave with a natural men’s shave cream. Shave with the grain of the whiskers and do not pull skin tight to cut closer.
  • Use a men's aftershave and men's face scrub for up to three days post shave to prevent razor bumps and irritation.
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