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10 Simple Secrets for Better Skin

10 Simple Secrets for Better Skin

 You want to look your best and age gracefully, right? That’s why your skincare and grooming routine matters to you - and it’s why you carefully choose only the best products.  

But do you know about these 10 simple secrets for better skin? None are especially complicated or difficult to build in to your lifestyle. But when combined, they add up to noticeably better skin.


1 - Don’t touch your face. 

Your hands are dirty. It’s not your fault. You use them to touch all kinds of germ ridden surfaces. Those germs transfer to your hands. And then… you touch your face. Guess what happens next?

Transferring bacteria from your hands to your face can lead to clogged pores, blemishes, irritation, and redness. So take a mental note to stop touching your face so often. And keep your hands clean by washing and sanitizing them regularly throughout the day.


2 - Exfoliate before you shave.

Even though shaving is a daily habit for so many men, somehow a lot of them still manage to be bad at it. They get a rough shave that leaves behind irritation, bumps, redness, and ingrown hairs. But there’s an extremely simple way to improve the quality of your shave. 

Before you reach for your razor, exfoliate your skin with our Renewing Face Scrub. It deep cleans your pores, stands your whiskers up and away from your skin, and ensures you get the smoothest, closest shave possible.  


3 - Always use a clean, sharp razor. 

While we’re on the topic of shaving, please don’t be the stingy guy who tries to use the same disposable razor for weeks on end. That thing is collecting bacteria between the blades. And it gets duller with each use. After a couple days, you’re running a blunt bacteria-farm across your face. It’s gross - and means you’re much more susceptible to razor burn, ingrown hairs, and blemishes.  

We recommend single blade safety razors because of their value and the quality of shave you get. But if that’s not your game, at least replace your disposable razor or cartridge after every few uses. You’re worth the slight expense of always using a fresh, sharp blade.

To further reduce the chance of irritation and getting leftover bacteria on your freshly shaven face, always follow up with our Instant Relief Aftershave. Its cooling, relieving, hydrating, antiseptic, and alcohol-free.


4 - Hydrate, inside and out. 

Yes, you should be using face moisturizer twice daily to keep your skin smooth and hydrated. It’s one of the simplest, most important things you can do to improve your skin’s feel and appearance. Our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer is great for guys of any skin type; it’s lightweight, oil-free formula absorbs fast and won’t lie heavy on your skin.

But don’t forget to drink plenty of water too! Being dehydrated can leave your skin dull, saggy, and drab.

There’s not a strict amount of water that you should be drinking daily. Just make it a habit to keep drinking water nearby. That way you won’t forget to hydrate regularly or be tempted to get a sugary drink instead. An easy way to do this is carrying a reusable water bottle with you at all times.


5 - Eat right for better skin. 

Are you nourishing your skin with every meal? Vitamin and mineral rich foods that contribute to your overall nutrition also help keep your skin healthy, bright, and smooth. So make an effort to skip the junk food in favor of healthier options including fresh vegetables, lean meats, fish, nuts, and other sources of critical nutrients.  

Yes, you can still have a cheat day. But in general, your skin will appreciate any effort you put in to eating better.


6 - Apply your skincare products in the right order. 

We’ve got a whole guide on this - because it’s important yet so often overlooked. The order you apply your skincare products in really does matter. But no, it’s not complicated or hard to learn.  

The basics are to start with lightweight, fast-absorbing products and finish with thicker creams or lotions. You can get all the details in our blog post on the topic.


7 - Keep your bedsheets and pillowcases clean. 

You transfer all kinds of dead skin and bacteria from your face to your pillowcase every night. It’s not gross per se, it’s just part of life. The gross factor comes in when you keep sleeping on the same bed linens night after night after night… for weeks on end. 

That’s not good for your skin. Or your hygiene. Or - let’s get real - your personal life.

You don’t have to constantly wash your sheets. As a general rule, changing and washing them once a week is good.  

Are you bad at remembering to actually do this? Set a reminder on your phone and make it a habit. Please.


8 - Store your skincare and grooming products properly.

No, you don’t need a mini fridge in your bathroom for your skincare products. But yes, where and how you store them matters. 

We’ve got a complete guide to this - because the way you store your products ensure they stay safe and effective for as long as possible. That saves you from any unpleasant side effects from a bacteria-infected product. Or from wasting your money on outdated or no longer effective products.


9 - Use sunscreen every day, not occasionally. 

UV damage is the #1 cause of early aging. Those age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines you’re starting to notice are almost certainly related to unprotected sun exposure.

Want to keep your skin looking smooth and youthful for as long as possible? We thought so. That’s why you should use sunscreen whenever you will be outside and exposed to the sun. 

Translation: use it every day.

Think you’re fine if you’re mostly indoors? UV rays penetrate glass. Also, they go right through clouds. So even overcast, rainy days can expose you to damaging UV. You don’t need to get burnt to experience skin damage, so don’t assume you’re OK just because your skin isn’t changing colors. 

Again, the point is to apply an SPF product daily, regardless of the weather. Our Daily Defense Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 is mineral based, goes on smooth, and won’t leave white marks. Plus, it’s packed with hydrating ingredients, so it’s a powerful combination moisturizer plus sunscreen and designs for daily use.


10 - Check your skin for possible skin cancer.

This secret is about both your skincare and your long term health. Sadly, statistics show that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer during their lives. It can be deadly - but is highly treatable when detected early.

Checking yourself is easy, only takes a few minutes, and could literally save your life. The Skin Cancer Foundation has a helpful guide to self checks, which mostly involves looking yourself over from head to toe for any notable changes in moles, marks, growths, or sores.

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