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Smart Shaving Techniques for Men with Sensitive Skin

Smart Shaving Techniques for Men with Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? What does that even mean?

According to the results of a national survey in the US published in 2011, over 38% of American men describe themselves as having sensitive skin. That’s a massive chunk of the overall population. In this study, sensitive skin was defined as being “mainly associated with dry skin, fair phototype, reactivity to climatic and environmental factors, and cosmetics.”

One of the biggest issues for guys with sensitive skin is shaving. Your razor can cause big problems as you scrape it along your skin. To prevent irritation, reduce pain, and make your overall shaving experience more positive, apply these smart shaving techniques for men with sensitive skin.

Part 1: Prepare for a Great Shave

A zero-irritation shave starts before you ever grab your razor. You need to properly prepare your skin in order to prevent redness, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and other common irritation.

For starters, always splash your face with warm water before you shave. This loosens your skin and hair follicles, allowing for a smoother shave with less tugging and pulling. Better yet, use the best face wash for men with sensitive skin before shaving. That will wash away debris, dirt, and bacteria that could otherwise cause shave irritation.

Here’s the big bonus move you’ve got to add if you have sensitive skin: exfoliate before you shave. Use a face scrub for men to stand your facial hair up and away from your skin. That will allow for a closer, smoother pass with your razor.

face scrub for men

One note of caution here: don’t overdo it with the face scrub if you have sensitive skin. You should only use it a few times each week - ideally before shaving. And there’s no need to scrub at the most sensitive parts of your face. Just cover the shave area if you tend to experience dryness and redness.

Before reaching for your shave cream, go with a natural pre-shave oil for men. This is an excellent pre-shave step for guys with sensitive skin. Use just a bit of oil to cover your entire shave area. It will create slick surface for your razor to glide right over. Once it’s been applied, go ahead and add your natural shave cream for men over it.

natural pre shave oil for men

Part 2: Choose the Right Razor

Stay away from the multi-blade cartridge razors if you have sensitive skin. A single or two blade razor is best. If you really want to see better results, learn to use a safety razor at home. It takes a little getting used to, but you’ll notice a significant difference.

If you’re using disposable razors, don’t be stingy. Change your razor out regularly to prevent bacteria buildup on the blades that will just make shave irritation worse.

As you shave, go with the grain of the hair growth. This will reduce friction, pulling, and irritation. Rinse the blade frequently - after ever 1-2 passes.

Part 3: Aftershave

Guys with sensitive skin - please don’t ever use an aftershave with alcohol. Alcohol and menthol are both terrible for sensitive skin. They dry out your face, cause excessive tightening, and can leave behind a red area of irritation. Instead, go with an alcohol free aftershave with hydrating, soothing ingredients.

Learn to Work with Your Skin

Don’t work against your skin by insisting on following your same old shave routine. You deserve better than that!

Take care of your face and skin with the best natural shave products for men. Instead of stressing about how your shave is going to affect your face, you will be able to confidently start your day knowing you had a great shave and that everything from there on out will go just fine.

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