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Men’s Skincare Secret Weapon: Face Scrub

Men’s Skincare Secret Weapon: Face Scrub

A lot of guys are timid about their skincare routines. They take skincare seriously. They research the products they use and are confident they’ve chosen what’s best for their skin.

But talk about it with other guys? Acknowledge that skincare actually matters?

Nah. Most guys aren’t so much into that.

The problem is that all that silence about skincare means you might not know as much as you think. And many guys are using one skincare secret weapon that could make a big difference for you too: face scrub.

What is face scrub? What can it do for your skin? And why should it be a part of your skincare routine?

What Is Face Scrub?

Face scrub is a cleansing and exfoliating skincare product. It uses small particles clean out your pores and eliminate dead skin cells.

For the best results, guys with normal to oily skin should use face scrub for men every other day immediately after using face wash. If you have dry or sensitive skin, exfoliate once or twice a week and avoid the driest, most sensitive parts of your face.

Adding the best face scrub for men to your weekly skincare routine is smart since it offers these 3 benefits. You can try it free in our Starter Sample Kit.

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1 - Removes Dead Skin Cells

Your skin is in a constant natural process of shedding and renewing itself. Dead skin cells are pushed to the outermost layer of your skin and are eventually eliminated. But you can speed up this renewal process and ensure you have a bright, fresh complexion with face scrub for men.

The scrubbing particles exfoliate your skin, getting rid of the dull layer of dead skin cells that can distort your natural complexion. It’s like a buffing process - the result is bright, renewed skin. Exfoliating also promotes increased blood circulation to your skin, which gives you a natural, healthy glow.

Accumulated dead skin cells can clog your pores and make it harder for your skin to absorb your moisturizer and other skincare products. So including face scrub for men as part of your routine improves your results overall.

best face scrub for men

2 - Prevents Breakouts

No man wants to deal with acne - especially if you already struggled with this all too common skin issue when you were younger. If you have oily or acne prone skin, exfoliating regularly is a must.

Face scrub for men digs the dirt, oil, bacteria, and other detritus out of your pores. That prevents the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria.

Keep in mind, a more aggressive scrub will not necessarily yield better results. You still want to go gentle on your skin, even while exfoliating. So there’s no need to dig into your skin while applying face scrub or to use it more often than recommended.

3 - Improves Your Shave

Ingrown hairs, razor burn, and shave irritation in general are all horrible. No guy wants to suffer through it - but too many do. That’s why face scrub for men is a secret weapon for so many men. It improves your shave by opening the pores, standing whiskers up and away from the skin, and allowing for a closer pass with your razor.

For the best results, wash and exfoliate your skin just before shaving. Use a clean, fresh razor and a natural shave cream for men. When you’re done, follow up with an alcohol-free aftershave for men. Stick to this routine and you’ll notice fewer ingrown hairs, reduced irritation, and an overall better shave experience.

Every guy has their arsenal of skincare and grooming secret weapons. If you haven’t already, now is the best time to add face scrub for men to yours.

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