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Do You Really Need to Use Hair Conditioner?

Do You Really Need to Use Hair Conditioner?

Conditioner? Really?

Yes really. And not just for guys with long hair. You are missing out on looking and feeling your best if you aren’t using hair conditioner for men

If you think that hair conditioner is just for women or guys with long hair, think again. It offers significant benefits - in hair healthy and appearance - even for guys with short hair.

So what’s the big deal? And how do you even use this stuff?

Conditioner Is Not Shampoo

First, you need to understand the differences between shampoo and conditioner. That way you will use them both correctly and get the best results out of each product.

Shampoo washes away dirt and excess oils from your hair. It should not, however, remove all of the oil from your hair. Why not?

As your hair grows, it is coated by natural oils. These are produced by sebum (oil) glands within the hair follicle. They give hair a healthy shine and texture. Getting rid of all of these oils - which is what most shampoos do - leads to a host of problems, from flat, dull hair to early onset hair loss.

To get the best results from your conditioner, you need to start with a good shampoo. Make sure you choose natural shampoo for men that contains long chains of amino acids. They will revitalize your hair - which is 91% protein. Only shampoo your hair three or four times a week - daily shampooing is overkill.

What Does Conditioner Do?

Natural hair conditioner for men functions a lot like face moisturizer for men. You use it after washing to hydrate your hair. Conditioner improves hair texture, appearance, and overall quality.

Throughout the day, damage is done to your hair cells. Dirt collects in your hair. The sun takes its toll. Sweat collects and collects together with other grime.

Basically, your hair becomes a hot mess.

That makes your hairs stick out, gives them a dull appearance, and leaves them in poor condition. Hair conditioner for men - when used properly - reverses these effects and gives you back a healthy, natural look.

How to Use Men’s Hair Conditioner

As with so many things in life, use hair conditioner for men in moderation for the best results. It depends on your hair and it’s natural look.

Below are suggestions for different types of hair. You’ll notice that they are not all the same. So many hair products have one-size-fits-all instructions on the back. Rinse. Repeat. Use daily.


Instead, find the description below that best matches you and start adjusting your hair care routine to get the best results.

If you have greasy hair…

Use conditioner once or twice weekly after shampooing. This will keep your hair in great shape without making you look like Greased Lightning.

If you have normal hair…

Use conditioner once or twice weekly after shampooing. The exact frequency depends on your personal preference and how you feel your hair looks best.

If you have dull or dry hair…

Use conditioner twice weekly after shampooing, possibly three times if you still feel you aren’t getting the best results. If you are having consistent problems with dryness, limit sun and wind exposure by staying indoors or wearing a hat or other protection.

If you have long hair…

You need natural hair conditioner for men to keep the entire length of your hair healthy. Make sure you condition after every shampoo - but just the ends if you have oily hair.

Simply massage the conditioner into your hair, gently spreading it to coat your entire scalp and cover all your hair. Rinse after about one minute of light massaging.

For the best results, apply organic conditioner for men after using a natural shampoo for men that doesn’t strip away your hair’s natural oils. That will give you a healthy shine that makes the difference between everybody else and a well-groomed gentleman.


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