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Pre Shave Tips for Men

Pre shave tips for men - reduce irritation & post shave bumps

The best shave of your life begins before your blade ever touches the skin. Since rubbing a metal blade over your face is not a natural process, you need to make sure to prep the skin properly before going for that perfect shave. Read the pre-shave tips below on how to get an even better shave this week.

Don’t Shave in the Morning

Shaving in the morning is quite possibly the worst time of the day to shave. Why? When you sleep, fluid and blood builds up in your head, causing your skin to be puffy. When skin is puffy, whiskers do not protrude from your skin as far as they should. Your body needs time for the blood and fluid to circulate back through the body. Preferably, shave before you go to bed. If you must shave in the morning, make it the last thing you do before you walk out the door for the day.

Shower before you shave

We recommend shaving after you shower, not before or during. A nice shower will steam your skin, causing the follicles to open, allowing for whiskers to protrude further away from the skin. If you can’t shower, take at least a few minutes to rinse warm water over your face and apply a damp, hot towel over your face for a minute or two. You can create an “in-home spa experience” by dabbing a few essential oils on the towel. Either of these choices will help open the follicles.

Cleanse your skin pre shave with a face wash for men

Cleansing your skin with a men’s face wash of oil, sweat, and dead skin cells before you shave is imperative for a perfect shave. Make sure to use a men’s natural face wash that’s meant for your skin type. Use the face wash for men in the shower or after rinsing your face with warm water.

We also suggest using a face scrub for men 2 – 3x a week before you shave to further exfoliate the skin. Using a men’s face scrub will loosen up the whiskers, bringing them to the surface and further remove any skin build up that could impede your blade from making a smooth pass.

Use a pre-shave oil or moisturizer

One of the worst affects shaving can have on your skin is the loss of moisture. Shaving depletes the skin cells of hydration, causing irritation. Hydrating the skin before you shave can actually prevent moisture loss before it starts. People often use a pre-shave oil before shaving, but you can also use a face moisturizer for men as well. Many of our customers use our beard oil on the skin before shaving, as it’s similar to a pre-shave oil.

If you use a brushless shaving cream like our own before you shave, you probably don’t need to use a pre-shave oil. The reason being is the cream will sink into your skin, hydrating it, versus a foaming/lathering formula that simply just sits on top of the skin.

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