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How to Prevent & Treat a Receding Hair Line

Receding hair line men

Just because you have a receding hairline doesn't mean all is lost. Use these men’s hair care tips to slow down the progression of your receding hairline.

Use a natural shampoo for men.

Cheap, drugstore shampoos contain a host of chemicals that can be extremely harmful to your hair. These chemicals strip your hair and hair follicles of the needed essential oils to keep hair full and growing. While your hair might feel “squeaky clean” after using one of these shampoos every day, that’s a sign you’re harming your hair. Your hair follicles contain little bulbs filled with nutrients that are sent out to the hair to keep it healthy and growing. That squeaky clean feeling is responsible for removing these nutrients from the bulb by excessive dryness.

A natural, organic shampoo for men will gently cleanse the hair, while not stripping it of needed oils, allowing your hair to not recede as fast.

Be careful how you style your hair and the product you put in it.

How you’ve styled your hair most of your life can play a big part in your receding hairline. After you take a shower, look at your hair. How does it naturally fall on your head? Manipulating it in different directions not in line with its natural flow can cause major stress on the hair root, causing it to wear away and pull out. When styling your hair, make sure you’re not doing so in a way that is completely against the natural flow of your hair.

Most hair styling products are extremely damaging to the hair. They contain a plethora of chemicals and alcohols that dry out and irritate the scalp. Look for natural, organic pomades that can give you the hair style you want, without all the toxic chemicals.

Use a men’s hair conditioner.

Hair conditioner really means moisturizing your hair with nutrients. Most men don’t condition their hair and it’s a shame because it’s one of the most necessary products to be using. A natural, organic hair conditioner for men will not only moisturize the hair, but deliver powerful ingredients such as aloe and vitamin E to the hair and scalp, helping to generate hair growth and slow the progression of a receding hairline.

Take omega 3 and protein supplements.

Omega 3’s are extremely popular supplements, and for good reason. Not only do they help cardiovascular and joint health, but they help create healthy hair. Omega 3’s not only will give your hair needed shine, but they help make up your cell membrane, keeping free radicals from entering your hair cells. If you read our Guide to Hair Loss and Thinning Hair for Men, you’d know that a certain free radical is responsible for a receding hair line and hair loss.

In our Men’s Hair Care Manual, we discuss how the hair is 91% protein. Knowing this, wouldn’t it make sense to eat more protein if your hair is receding? Absolutely. Whether you weight lift or not, drinking one to two whey or casein protein shakes everyday will have a dramatic effect on your hair and it’s rate of growth.

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